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1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

Tin Tem Jai (2023)

Other name: ติณณ์เต็มใจ Tin Tem Jai the Series


Tin has always been secretly in love with Phi Park, Aunt Phavinee's son, who owns a neighbourhood bakery. Park's a simple guy that you can ask whatever you want. But when he's asked out on a date... The answer is, “I'm going to kick you!”Adapted from the web novel "Tin Tem Jai" (ติณณ์เต็มใจ) by Taohu Khai (เต้าหู้ไข่).

Country: Thailand

Status: ongoing

Released: 1970

Genre: BL Novel Romance Web Series

Tin Tem Jai (2023) trailer:
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